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Welcome to Colegio De Sueños, where we unlock your potential and empower you to achieve your dreams. As a specialized education department created by Rivas & Associates, a leading immigration law firm in the USA, we are committed to providing high-quality in-person and online courses that open doors to a bright future.
Our Courses
Colegio De Sueños
Our Courses
Why Choose Colegio De Sueños?
At Colegio de Sueños, we believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and achieving personal growth. Whether you're seeking to expand your knowledge, develop new skills, or pursue a specific goal, our courses offer a range of benefits that make them worth considering.
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Tracy Smith from Colegio De Sueños Manager
Our Objective
The primary objective of the Education Department is to enhance the services offered by our law firm by assisting clients with education matters. By combining legal expertise with educational support, we aim to empower immigrants to achieve their personal and professional goals while complying with immigration laws and regulations.
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Frequently Asked Question
If you have any further question, please contact us
What is Colegio De Sueños?
Colegio De Sueños is an educational platform offering a wide range of courses designed to empower individuals through knowledge and skills. We specialize in immigration law education but also offer courses in various other fields.
Who is the Instructor at Colegio De Sueños?
Our instructor, Tracy Smith, is a native English-speaking licensed attorney and certified bilingual teacher. She has taught for 14 years and is committed to delivering high-quality education to our students.
How can I enroll in a course?
To enroll in a course, simply visit our website, browse our course catalog, and select the course you're interested in. Follow the enrollment instructions provided on the course page. For more information, please email us at [email protected] and/or call us at 1 (918) 236-2932
Are your courses available online?
Not yet. Currently, we only offer in-person instruction. We will soon have hybrid (both in-person and online) options available, so you may choose the format that works best for your needs and learning style!
Can I access course materials after enrollment?
Yes, enrolled students have access to course materials, resources, and any online learning platforms associated with the course. You can access these materials at your convenience.
How do I communicate with instructors or ask questions?
You can communicate with instructors through our course platform, email, or any other communication method specified by the instructor. We encourage active engagement with instructors to enhance your learning experience.